My ‘Go-To’ Crystals By Gee Mills 💎🔮💕

My ‘Go-To’ Crystals By Gee Mills 💎🔮💕

July 02, 2018

Most people have ‘Go-To’ person, object or place, right? No matter what it is, it makes you feel safe, comforted and ‘zen’ 🙏🌸


I believe it is so important to have a go to person, object or place.. a tribe, girl gang, safe haven... whatever you want to call it!


I have a go-to set of crystals that have become a reliable healer to me and so many of my customers Imagine you are going on holiday, or rushing out the door because you are late.. you always still manage to grab the essentials don’t you? It would be so easy to add just a handful of crystals to your essentials, just a couple of crystals you feel a connection and comfortable with.. just a couple of crystal that could completely transform your life!!


Wouldn’t you rather that, than your favourite lipgloss? Or why not both? 😅


Everyone’s Go To will be different, but here are the classics which I find most customer feel comfort and stability with 😍🌈🙏


Rose Quartz 🌹 - To embrace and fall in love with your true self! 


Tigers Eye 🌟 - For Inner Strength, Outer Strength & Protection! 


Amethyst 🔮 - Sooth your mind, body and soul with pure clarity & calmness! 


Citrine 🌻- Dance like nobody is watching & swim in success! 


Clear Quartz 💍 - For the highest kind of vibrations!!

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