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Here at Crystal Harmony UK we have literally become obsessed with cleansing and smudging!!! We love the idea that we can change the energy around us and immediately feel better! We have just had the new smudging kits arrive which are absolutely gorgeous and we cant wait for you all to get involved! Please send us in your smudging selfies and experiences!!! And just in case your not sure where on earth to start or what to do ... here is a handy guide for you:   💭The use of dried white sage and burning herbs is a 2,000 year...

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Firstly, thank you so much everyone for sending in your topics for us to address in our Weekly Blogs ... as you may know the first topic we are going to look at is coping with grief. Grief can be such a consuming feeling and we get so many requests for crystals to help with this we thought we would try and tackle this one as soon as possible. Grief can take so many different forms but usually it is seen as intense sorrow, especially caused by the loss of someone we really care for. Sometimes the pain we experience...

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Hi to all of our lovely Crystal Harmony friends  ... we are so excited to launch our new weekly Blog with you all! ... BUT we need your help first! ... Within the blog we are going to select a topic from the list of issues/problems/difficulties that you, our customers are facing in life and we will address these topics day by day, offering practical help and tips and also carefully recommending exactly which crystals to use and how to use them to get the best results. We are so keen to help everyone as much as we can and...

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