Crystal Harmony Sleep & Dream Set ğŸ’ŽğŸ”®ğŸ˜´ğŸ˜´


ğŸ’ŽğŸ’•ğŸ’™ğŸ˜´ğŸ˜´ Crystal Harmony Dreams, Sleep Collection ğŸ’ŽğŸ’•ğŸ’™ğŸ˜´ğŸ˜´

 💕😴 for calm, peaceful sleep, relaxation & pleasant dreams 💕😴


ğŸ’Ž Smokey Quartz ~ Kept under the bed, this is a grounding Crystal that transmutes negative energies which are often caused by thoughts & worries & can be a major cause of restlessness & nightmares, by helping to alleviate the feelings of stress & negativity you feel more relaxed ğŸ’ŽğŸ˜´ğŸ”®


🔮 Amethyst ~ Calm, Peaceful & Soothing. Kept under the pillow or by the bed, is a meditative & calming Crystal that has a gently sedative energy that enhances the feelings of happiness, peacefulness, leading to a gentle night’s sleep 😴🔮


🌹 Rose Quartz ~ Placed under the pillow or by the bed, is a very soothing & happy Crystal that increases the positive vibrational qualities that are present in all of us. The love energy it expresses reduces stress levels that can block peaceful rest at nightğŸŒ¹ğŸ’•ğŸ’Ž


💚 Jade ~ is physically & mentally relaxing & provides a soothing vibration with a sense of well being to the entire body & mind. Jade promotes Love, Courage, Justice, Wisdom & Self-Sufficiency & brings Emotional Balance. Releases negative thoughts & soothes the mind, ready for a perfect nights sleepğŸ’šğŸ”®ğŸ’ŽğŸ˜´


ğŸ’Ž Clear Quartz ~ Is the ‘Master Healer ‘ a great Crystal for calming the mind. Holding your Crystal in your hand before you sleep can help you to remember your dreams. Quartz can also help you to focus your dreams. Place under your pillow while you sleep to help your mind work through any issuesğŸ¤¯ğŸ’ŽğŸ™ŒğŸ¼


Mixture of rough & tumbled Crystals ğŸ”®ğŸ’ŽğŸ’•ğŸ™ŒğŸ¼ğŸ“¿ğŸ‘¼ğŸ¼



Relax, unwind, breathe deeply……….. & sleep peacefully, good night, sleep tight  ğŸ’ŽğŸ’•ğŸ’™ğŸ˜´ğŸ˜´ #sleep #goodnight #dreams #relax #unwind #peace #crystals #instasleep #instarelax