New Mummy & Baby Crystal Set 👩🏽👶🏽🍼


👩🏽👶🏽🍼 New Mummy & Baby Crystal Collection 👩🏽👶🏽🍼

🌹Rose Quartz 💕

 The LOVE Crystal - Unconditional Love, Protection, Security & Peace for both Mum & Baby 👩🏽👶🏽

Carrying a soft feminine energy of compassion & peace,

 tenderness & healing, nourishment & comfort 💕

👶🏽🍼Placing baby milk or food within a circle of Rose Quartz for a few minutes

 helps ease Colic or feeding difficulties 👶🏽🍼

Helps to heal Mothers after birth 💕 

 🍅 Carnelian 🍅

Brings a massive ‘Energy Boost’ for new mums

Emotional harmony, inner strength, restores motivation, courage & self-esteem 

White Howlite 🛀🏽

Calming Anxiety & Infant Colic 

 Relieves Stress & Anxiety, bringing Calm & Relaxation 🛀🏽

🌙 Moonstone 🌙

Soothes emotions & is believed to promote healthy lactation & breast feeding 👶🏽🍼 

💎 Clear Quartz 💎

The Master Healing Crystal strengthens & stabilises the body’s energy fields & promotes harmony 💕 

Amplifies positive thoughts & helps release feelings of inadequacy

At night place your Crystals under your pillow or at your bedside, allowing their 

magical properties to surround you with healing energies!

🛀🏽 You can even add your Crystals to your bath water for extra Healing & Relaxation 🛀🏽

With Love from Crystal Harmony xxx  👩🏽👶🏽🍼💖💞💕🛀🏽💎🌙🌹🍅

Also includes a pretty organza bag, meaning card, cleansed and charged using dried lavender and comes beautifully gift wrapped xxx