Wealth & Abundance Crystal Collection ✨💚💎⭐💫🌅💰💸🔮

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 ✨💚💎⭐💫🌅💰💸🔮 Wealth & Abundance Crystal Collection ✨💎🔮  

💰💸 Abundance is a state of mind! And so much more than having money... having the mindset that Citrine encourages an inner sense of abundance... which in turn, attracts situations and events that provide you with opportunities to create an Abundance of money amongst other things! Citrine and it’s golden luxurious energy, amplified and attracts abundance into your life 💛 keeping citrine close means that you will never be without the resources you need!!! 

💚Green Aventurine 🍀 ‘Crystal of Opportunity’ 🍀 Luckiest of all Crystals, especially in manifesting Prosperity & Wealth 💰💚 Increases your chances of Winning! 🍀Its Winning Energy makes it a great Crystal for boosting one’s chances in any situation ….. a first date, tax returns, even securing a promotion. Its super powerful, you only need to have it near you - to feel its magical ways! Brings optimism & a zest for life, allowing one to move forward with confidence & to embrace change 💚

💎 🔳 Zebra Agate Crystals 🔳 💎💭The Crystal for dreaming BIG! 💭..... But also the Crystal to give you the vision to make those dreams become your reality! 👀This Crystal brings optimism and also increases intuition. 👏 Gives us a sense that all is well and even hardships or struggles are just part of the universe's bigger, more wonderful plan 🌍 😊

Golden Tigers Eye  💰🐅👁 💛 Gold attracts Gold 💰💸💷 Crystal of Protection 🍀 Brings Good Luck 🍀Prosperity, Wealth & Success ✨💰🌟💫 Enhances integrity, willpower & self-confidence 💁🏼Releases blocked creativity 🙌🏽 Enhance our own personal power 🙋🏽Promotes a positive attitude & assist us in accomplishing our goals 💛Helps us to recognise our own talents & abilities 🌟

💰Chinese Lucky Money Coins 💰 
These amazing coins attract more Money into your life! 💷💶💵💴 Carry Chinese coins in your purse to attract wealth to your purse 💰 Wear a coin as a pendant to bless yourself with abundance :-) Place coins in a cash till & safe to attract business & hang coins on a red ribbon near your home office as these Chinese Coins are Prosperity Symbols & attract Good Luck!💰 💰

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