Spiritual Healing Crystal Set 💜

💞 Spiritual Healing Crystal Collection 💜
💜 Amethyst ‘Crystal of Protection’ 💜
Known to provide a boost to your immunity, can help you cope with pain, mentally & physically 
brings a sense of inner peace
& can help with the healing process
These factors make Amethyst ideal for using pre & post surgery 
Amethyst is a ‘Master Healer’ & a natural tranquilliser
💎 Smoky Quartz ‘Protective & Grounding Crystal’ 💎 
 This precious Crystal dissolves negative emotional blockages, 
allowing positive energies to enter.
Smoky Quartz is protective & grounds excess energy,
also a great supportive Crystal for those undergoing
chemo & radiation therapies
💚💜 Fluorite ‘Powerful Healing Crystal’ 💚💜
Can create order & balance by eradicating disruptive & disorganised energies within the body 
Fluorite is a nourishing, purifying & a cleansing Crystal  
💞  Rose Quartz ‘Crystal of Love’ 💞
Soothing, calming & relaxing - but a powerful healing Crystal, 
Providing unconditional Love & extra emotional support 
Sleep with Rose Quartz next to your bed for relaxation
& to aid peaceful sleep 😴
👼🏼  💜  💞  😴
** Please note that this is a Crystal Healing Support Collection
to comfort & support -
Not a replacement for Medical Treatment!
Crystals should be used along side Medication &
 Medical Treatments as advised by your Doctor **