NEW Magical Special 🧙🏻‍♀️Spheres 🔮


Magical Special 🧙🏻‍♀️Spheres 🔮 When you think of Crystal spheres, what comes to mind? If you picture a fortune-teller with a gypsy soul, adorned with jewels and leaning over their Crystal ball whilst glimpsing at your past or gazing into your future, odds are you aren’t alone. Crystal balls have long been coined as a magical tool of the lucky few that claim to have the all-seeing eye 👁 however, Crystal spheres are much more than this “stereotype” that comes to mind. In fact, they hold many different properties to better your environment and guide you in your life 🔮

Due to their perfect symmetry, Crystal spheres release positive energy in all directions to raise the vibration of your space. The spherical shape also contributes to smoothing out chaotic environments by promoting a seamless flow of energy, so you can work efficiently under any circumstances. In addition to their affect on the environment, Crystal spheres also carry powerful ways to uplift your own personal energy field and promote your wellbeing. We’re often asked what the best uses for a Crystal sphere are, and although the uses are truly endless, we’ve come up with 5 simple ways we like to incorporate them into our daily routine.


1. Roll With It to Relieve Stress

2. A Magical Meditation with a Crystal Sphere in Each Hand

3. Feng Shui All Day! Calming your home 🏡

4. Meaningful Desk Decor 👩🏽‍💻

5. Let it Go🙌🏼 Helping you to change direction to a positive path 🥰



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