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Soothing Aquamarine Chip Bracelets 🐠🐚💦


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🐳🐠🐚 Imagine the healing you get when you sit by the sea, letting the water wash over your toes, looking out to the horizon; letting your troubles wash away with the tide...that is how this crystal makes you feel💙🐳  Aquamarine Chip Bracelets  🐠 🐚'The Crystal of Courage’  Calming, soothing & cleansing🐋Inspires truth, trust & letting go ‘Aquamarine’s energy is calming & acts to reduce stress & quietens the mind, thus clarifying perception,🐳sharpening the intellect & removes confusion’ Crystal of eternal youth & happiness 💦Aquamarine gives us strength to deal with difficult situations🐚 & to stay focused under pressure!  💙Healers use Aquamarine to reduce fluid retention 🐠& to calm the nerves 🐋💙🐋🐳🐠🐚💦Also includes a pretty meaning card, dried lavender, cleansed & ready to wear 💙🐋🐳🐠🐚💦