Amethyst Church’s ⛪ 🔮💎

£995.00 £497.50

Stunning Amethyst Churches ⛪ 🔮💎💜

Super charging your living space with calming energy 🙏🏼🔮💎💞 

🔮 Amethyst Geode Caves!!! 🔮Also known as Churches ⛪ capture the beauty of nature at a given moment in time over hundreds of thousands of years ago. It will remind us of our natural beauty despite our 'flaws'.
🔮 Large geodes caves have so many different colours and inclusions that you can find something new every time you look closely at it 🔮💕🔮⛪
Your spirit will be uplifted every time you catch a glimpse of it. There is so much positive energy surrounding these sensational pieces.
It will remind you of the effortless amazing power of the wonderful universe 🤩🔮💕⛪abundant nature of the universe 🤩

Collection only due to the weight approx 20kg