Angel Card Readings

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Angels are Beings of Light. Messengers of God, Angels are intermediaries between humankind & the Divine. Healers, Protectors, Bearers of Information & Joy, Sources of Inspiration, Guardians & Friends. They come to us in many ways & give advise & counsel that is both practical & uplifting. 

Angels in vast numbers are sent to Earth to help us in our humanness & assist our spiritual growth.

Many people have already awakened to their call for realignment, attainment & enlightenment. When you tune in to the wonderful energy of Angels, you are instantly aware of the Love that emanates from their presence - a love that ignites a spark in the heart that can never be extinguished.  

Your Angel Card Reading also includes a very special Angel Feather that we will post out to you, as a reminder that you always have an Angel by your Side :-) xxx